The Services You’ll Need Under One Roof

A house of related professional service brands assembled under one roof for a better overall client experience.

consultation for business success

A problem was identified …

The solution is The C&B Group …

The solution was to carefully assemble a group of competent and experienced professionals aligned with C&B’s goal of providing client-oriented dynamic services at fees that make sense to the small business entrepreneur. The model is simple: A group of high-level and like-minded professionals under one umbrella provides the various services our clients need.

Within the C&B Group, each business is partially owned by the operator, meaning that all managers have skin in the game and understand what it takes to make a business successful.  It also means that the partners at C&B, CPA are not being spread too thin.  The group’s synergy allows for increased collaboration so each part of the team can focus on their core area and call on the appropriate professional as and when needed. Having the entire C&B Group under one roof offers many advantages to our clients and provides a new and higher level of collaboration between our professionals.

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